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Office Wraiths

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I am the creator of a series of whimsical, funny illustrations featuring Nazgûl in mundane situations, sometimes guest-starring other inhabitants of the Land of Mordor (where the shadows lie). It started with a drawing of a Ring-wraith holding a cup of coffee in that classic pose the boss makes in the movie “Office Space,” saying “If you could catch Baggins, it’d be greaaaaaat.” Also, he’s going to need you to come in on Saturday.

This started a series of little drawings that I used (as the office administrator) as illustrations for signs  and e-mails, to interject some humor into “Please make more coffee when you empty the coffee pot,” “The elevator is broken,” and “Out of Order”. Soon enough people began re-captioning them and they became intra-office memes. Unpredictably, at least to me, people really loved them. I made a number of them that were basically customizable response images and I’m happy that they live on in people’s hearts, minds, chat channels and hard drives.