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Art Commissions


Here you will find pricing and examples for my artwork — this is limited to a rather basic selection and the reason for this is that projects are more time and labor intensive and I charge hourly for which quickly makes “I just want a picture of my elf” unaffordable.

But this is fun for me to do, I can do it with a pretty speedy turnaround and everyone’s happy. I love commissioning pictures of my OC, and drawing other people’s for them! Or your canon character that you role-play, your video game avatar, whatever. I love it. HERE ARE YOUR OPTIONS!




$5 including color in whatever style strikes me as being fun and cute. These are unlikely to be “Chibi” and are MUCH MORE likely to be silly little comic panels. Give me a rough guideline (and if you are in the Tolkien fandom, a character if you like, but no ships or multiple people) and I’ll make you something fun. The best kind of sentence here would be something open ended but pretty specific, like “Oropher needs to chill out” and might have you winding up with this sort of thing:




Monochrome: Portrait ($10), ½ body ($12), ¾ or full length ($15)
Colored Pencil: Bust ($12), ½ body ($15), ¾ or full length ($20)
Ink/Watercolor Wash: Bust ($15), ½ body $20, ¾ or full length $25




Digital ink sketch, line-art only: Bust ($12) ½ body ($15) full body ($18)
Digital ink sketch with ink wash shading, monochrome: Bust ($15) ½ body ($20) full body ($25)
Digital ink sketch with full color and simple shading/detailing : Bust ($20) ½ body ($25) full body ($30).



Full color illustration, Portrait only — $45-50, depending on complexity.



Please be ready to explain your character’s personality and how they look if they are fictional, a picture and a blurb if they are NOT fictional. The more information you can give me, the better! Previous art works, important details and distinguishing features, etc.



  • Simple accessories including swords, crowns, staves, cauldrons etc are absolutely fine!
  • High-detail or complicated armor, weapons, and excessively detailed hair and jewelry is not something that I can do in a sketch, that is a very time consuming and meticulous artistic style that I don’t have the physical ability to work in at the moment.
  • I do not draw mech suits, furry art or biotech ever, I’m not good at it, can’t ethically charge you for substandard work and I don’t want you to laugh at me! <3

How to Make This HAPPEN:

  1. You contact me via the handy form.
  2. We discuss the drawing and you give me any reference materials you may have
  3. I provide a couple preliminary sketches to confirm that we’re on the same page
  4. At that point, I will give you my Square or PayPal and ask that you deposit half of the full amount as a deposit to confirm that we are doing this
  5. I do your art, and when I have finished I will send you a small, watermarked version (a proof) to see if there is anything missing
  6. If you are happy with it, I will then ask you to Square/PP the rest of the outstanding balance to me as a confirmation that it is acceptable.
  7. Then I send you your  full-size unwatermarked files and we are done!

This commission page is STRICTLY for PERSONAL USE. That is to say, you may not use it for anything that will be sold, or used in advertising, or any such thing without my express and written permission. You can’t put it up in your redbubble store or  Okay? Okay. There is an entirely different lawyers-involved kind of discussion that happens in deals like that and they usually involve a boatload of money.


Commissions and Inquiries: