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Soft Launch

Getting this site rebuilt has been a real adventure, but I think that in having to do so I have come up with a lot of new insights & ideas.

Today’s updates have been pretty brutal, and I haven’t even started rebuilding the galleries and organizing those, and instead focused on tweaking the events. I’m just going to pretend that I have any sort of idea what I want to do with the galleries and leave it at that.


  • The Discord Server is live and you are welcome to join me there to chat and keep me company (soon home to discussions weekly about Tolkien, art, writing, and gaming, maybe?)
  • Art broadcasts will resume soon!
    • Twitch (both screencasts and live video)
    • Picarto (screencasts from my computer)
    • Periscope (screencasts from my iPad)

It’s happening, slowly!


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